In Terra



In Terra is a literary Symphony with three movements. The first movement, "The Argument", is written in Sonata-Allegro form, adapted from the medium of music. This form consists of an introduction of theme, followed by several variations and restatements of theme, and concludes with a cadence. The second movement, "The Liturgy", is also quite musical. It consists of a leader, chorus, congregation, and the voice of the poor. Each chorus section is written for four voices in a style that echoes the primary section of a fugue. Each line (the equivalent of a measure), is twelve syllable-beats long with space representing beat rests. This multi-voice writing has been used in music since the 13th century, and is now making it's first break into modern literature. The final movement, "The Ash" is a collection of nine songs to be sung by the Morae (the Fates).

The larger theme of the entire work is an exploration of the condition of the poor. In Terra does not limit its definition of the poor to those who are low-income--but includes the handicapped, the depressed, the jaded, the lost, the afflicted and diseased. It explores what it means to be poor and the psycho-social and spiritual environments that set our current class system dynamics.

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